Merge: Simplify the Complex Sale in Five Surefire Steps
Merge: Simplify the Complex Sale in Five Surefire Steps
Author: William L. MacDonald
Pages: 200
Language: English

MERGE eases you into the front row of a master class on the art and science of the complex sale, taught by one of the "most successful marketers" in financial services. No matter how good you are (or think you are) as a relationship builder, rainmaker, consultant or closer, pick up the head-snapping nuggets of practical wisdom spread across these pages. MERGE reveals a five-step surefire sales process long forgotten, overlooked, or never learned by so many professionals in finance, insurance, legal, real estate and other high-value professions. Don't miss it this time. Your business, your clients depend on the high-water mark of your greatness. Praise for MERGE "MERGE offers the insight of one of America's best and most successful marketers in the financial services industry. Read it before your competition does" -Peter D. Quinn, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank -Executive Benefits "Bill MacDonald has done a superb job of merging theory and practical application of sales and marketing-how he actually made his theories work in practice. MERGE is a book all up-and-coming sales and marketing executives should read, well-written, and easy to read" -Jim Ellis, Dean, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business "MERGE details the mistakes commonly made by consultants in marketing services. Bill's five-step process can be used successfully, no matter the market. The principles are transferable and powerful. He's done a superb job of making his book relational and practical. Every consulting professional will benefit from reading this book" -Guy Baker, Immediate Past President, The Million Dollar Round Table, Managing Director, EMI Consulting

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