CRM to the People
CRM to the People
Author: JC Quintana
Pages: 86
Language: English

CRM to the People was written to help unite everyone in your organization with the vision of CRM attainment. Intentionally brief and to the point, it will become the main tool your company uses to encourage discussion, clarify expectations, and motivate people around the topic of customer relationship management (CRM ).The book was born from over twenty years of collaboration with companies implementing CRM strategy and technology. It differentiates itself from most CRM resources by speaking to every member of your company- not just CRM sponsors and IT professionals. It is honest, practical, and designed as a conversation-generator you should place in the hands of every member of your company. It serves as a powerful and common starting point for decision-making and alignment for companies launching CRM initiatives and a platform for resolution for companies already engaged in a CRM effort.CRM to the People is divided into ten short chapters, each expanding on a fundamental aspect of CRM success:Article 1: Intro to a Manifesto, is an invitation to make CRM the vehicle that connects all your corporate teams with the vision of improving the central relationships of your business through meaningful interactions.Article 2: Power to the Acronym, submits that CRM must return to its goal of managing relationships in spite of the reputation that has marred the acronym and its purpose.Article 3: Power to the Collaboration, calls for each member of your organization to work together to assess customer relationship management initiatives and implement them successfully, together.Article 4: Power to the Resolution, explores the important questions people are asking about CRM and guides you through the best ways to answer them to ensure company-wide support.Article 5: Power to the Relationships, expands on the similarities between our personal and business relationships and how CRM must be a tool for building them.Article 6: Power to the Interaction, brings awareness to specific, critical interactions your company must manage and which lead to genuine, heart-felt service.Article 7: Power to the Customer, challenges your perceptions of what constitutes CRM success and provides true measurements for ensuring it.Article 8: Power to the Instrument, addresses the role of CRM tools and applications as enablers in the CRM strategy.Article 9: Power to the Vertical, offers important considerations for customizing CRM to fit the needs of your company and industry.Article 10: Power to the Endeavor, encourages you to undertake the mandates that can transform your company and the lives of people.Reader blog and forums at

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