Handbook of Baby and Child Care
Handbook of Baby and Child Care
Author: Aroona Reejhsinghani
Pages: 312
Language: English

Parenting a child is a lifelong commitment involving taking care of the baby in every way, satisfying all its needs, and ensuring that it grows into a healthy, happy and normal child. It is a task that needs strength and compassion. All parents wish to nourish their children in a loving, caring, safe and secure atmosphere. They endeavour to give proper care and attention to the little ones right from the birth and early stages of their development till they turn into independent boys and girls, and even beyond. The parents encounter various types of difficulties relating to the childs health, hygiene, feeding, sleeping, bladder, bowel and other habits. They need to know what to do so that their baby develops properly while they themselves are not exhausted and are able to perform their other activities normally. Handbook of Baby and Child Care is a complete treatise on baby and child care. It has been prepared with scientific information and presented in a clear and concise manner. The couples reading this book will be inspired towards a newfound understanding, not only of their baby and how to bring it up and look after it properly, but also gain complete knowledge of pregnancy and parenthood. The book is not limited only to the care of infant and children, but also includes guidance up to the stage of adolescence. Various experts in the pertinent fields have been consulted for writing this book. It covers vast areasfrom medicine, drug industryto specialities like psychology and psychiatry to make this book a complete guide on baby and child care. The book will not only help parents in the proper upbringing of their children, but also serve as a manual for medical practitioners, and gynaecologists. Physicians and nurses will also find a wealth of ideas, both medically valid and emotionally supportive, to help the pregnant mother look after her child properly.

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